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Face Treatments

LED Skin Tightening $250 for 60 min

After cleaning and exfoliating, we will use LED light therapy to stimulate collagen production and increase elasticity reverse signs of aging.

Face/Neck Radio Frequency Facial $250 for 60 min

Erase wrinkles with our Radio Frequency technology, Reduce the look of spots, blemishes and fine lines using out 24K gold face and neck masks infused with black caviar.

Cryotherapy $325 for 60 min

Using extreme cold technology reaching temperatures of -6 degree Celsius, your skin will be left feeling tight, toned and refreshed!

Express Facial $125 for 30 min

Quick hydrating and cleansing facial for ladies on the go.

Body Treatments

Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Contouring $400 for 60 min

This treatment uses ultrasonic cavitation at a much higher frequency. It melts your fat cells leaving them permanently destroyed.

Cavitation Treatment + Cryotherapy $540 for 60 min

This treatment begins with melting the fat cells using Ultrasonic Cavitation combined with Cryotherapy (-6 degrees celsius). immediately afterward to achieve ultimate fat loss.

Cryotherapy $420 for 60 min

Using extreme of cold, (reaching temperatures of -6 degree Celsius) this treatment will freeze your fat cells in order to tone and sculpt the body.

Express Body Treatment $245 for 30 min

You will lose body fat with the use of out ultrasound cavitation technology. This treatment will melt your fat cells and permanently destroy them.

Facial Package

Body Services

Body Packages

Ultrasonic Cavitation and Cryotherapy