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Welcome to EarthTech Spa, the ultimate convenience in spa services brought directly to your doorstep! Our mobile spa eliminates the need for you to travel to a beautician or local spa, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to the frustrations of travel time, traffic, and waiting in line.
Equipped with high-quality cosmetics and advanced technologies, our mobile spa will arrive wherever you want, just a 30-second walk away. We are committed to providing you with a luxurious and personalized experience. Our licensed beauticians will perform a skin analysis using advanced equipment to understand your needs and recommend the perfect treatment for your skin.

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Ultrasonic or Ultrasound Cavitation is the use of ultrasound technology to break down fat cells below the skin.

It is a non-surgical method of reducing cellulite and localized fat.

This procedure involves applying pressure on fat cell through ultrasonic vibrations. The pressure is high enough to make the fat cells break down into liquid form. The body can then get rid of it as waste through your urine.

The broken-down fat cells go from the body to the liver where they are excreted as waste. This method of treatment is used along with other weight loss programs to help with getting eid of excessive fat. It is a preferred method to other invasive procedures of eliminating body fat. It is important to note that your weight could return if you consume a high-calorie diet.
Ultrasonic cavitation tones the body using radio frequencies and low-frequency ultrasonic waves.

These waves from bubbles around fat deposits under the skin. The bubbles then burst, breaking the fat deposits into the interstitial and the lymphatic system where they are drained. The fat deposits are changed into glycerol and free fatty acids, Glycerol is then reused by the body while free fatty acids travel to the liver and are excreted as waste.
Contraindications for Abigon PRO and Bionexus LITE:
br> Absolutely NO TREATMENT – cancer in the last year (can replicate cancer cells still left in the body) – autoimmune disorder skin (can cause flare ups and inflammation) – lupus – psoriasis intreated area – pacemaker (electric wavelengths can harm pacemaker) – pregnant or breastfeeding (not safe for baby while pregnant and can reduce milk supply) – epilepsy (can trigger seizures)
br> Dr’s note REQUIRED – cancer 1-5 years ago (dr’s note needed to receive service can replicate cancer cells) – kidney and liver disease (liver and kidneys used for lymphatic drainage, if not working properly they can’t preform necessary drainage for treatment to work) – heart disease (can affect heart health if heart condition is not strong) Avoid area – Intrauterine device (copper only) – Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins – Hemorrhagic disease, trauma, vascular rupture – Inflammation of the veins, phlebitis – Internal bleeding (ex: bleeding from ulcers) – Menstruation (avoid treating the abdomen) – Metallic implants such as pins, prostheses on treated area – Open lesions, cuts, sores, or scabs Precautions (must be medicated or under control) – Internal heat in the body (ex: colds, fever or acute inflammation) – Severe high blood pressure or circulation problems – Blood disorders – Thyroid issues

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